A Project for Students and Citizens

Valley: Week Two

In Valley on June 21, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Given Valley’s unique sense of community, there is great potential to become an even better place to live. At the moment, Valley is in an economic crisis. The unemployment rate is quite high, and there are very few available jobs. A key factor in bringing Valley to its full potential will be revamping the economy and creating more job opportunities. Citizens hope that showcasing all of the town’s assets will bring more people into the Valley and help stimulate the economy. By celebrating Valley’s history and creatively using resources, the citizens want to make Valley both a tourist destination and a wonderful place to stay and live.

One of the dreams that the citizens of the town have is to revitalize the mills in Valley. There are four old mills in the city, one for each of the four mill villages. The Fairfax and Shawmut mills are unfortunately already on their way to being destroyed, but years ago the city of Valley purchased the Langdale and Riverview mills in hopes of preserving the Valley’s history in the textile mill industry. In the past few years, there has been a focus on revitalizing the Langdale mill. There are plans to make the mill a city center bustling with restaurants, shops, and event space. Because Valley has no downtown area, the city hopes that the centrally located Langdale mill will give the citizens a place to come together as a community.

In conjunction with the Langdale mill project, Valley is also working on a mill museum housed in the Langdale mill that proudly displays artifacts and stories of what life was like working in and around the mills. Although there are many items already in the mill, the city and its citizens are constantly searching for interesting things that will tell more about mill life. Valley is a part of a large stretch of old textile mill villages throughout the south, and would like to be a hot spot for curious people to learn all about a typical mill village.

Aside from improving the economy, citizens also hope to spread the pride that many already have for Valley. Each individual has something special that they can contribute to the community. The more pride everyone takes in the city, the more the citizens are willing to do what they can to make the city better. Through pulling together and accomplishing smaller goals, that sense of pride within Valley’s residents will grow and Valley will achieve its true dream of becoming a strong, united, and lovely community.

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